New York Style Water Boiled Bagels

Perfected in Kansas

WE are sold out until June 25th

Bagels Baking Friday, June 18th & Sunday, June 25th

Next Lawrence Delivery is Sunday, June 27th


Plain Dough Bagels With Toppings Custom Baked to Order

Free Delivery to your Home or Office with a

minimum order of 1/2 Dozen Regular size Bagels

 Stilwell, Overland Park & Leawood - See Delivery Map Page

Small Batch Mixed - Hand Rolled - Overnight Fermentation

Water Boiled - Hand Seeded - Individually Bagged

Parmesan Pepper & Everything Seeds

Parmesan Pepper & Everything Seeds

Quattro Forrmaggi

Onion Two Sides - Sliced Dried Crunchy

Onion Two Sides - Sliced Dried Crunchy

Special Request Toppings:

Onion - Salt - Garlic - Black Pepper - Caraway Seed

Please ask about baking on week days for special events

Hand Crafted New York Style Water Boiled Bagels

FREE extra bagel (baker's choice) with each FULL SIZE dozen ordered
Order a Minimum of Six Regular size for FREE Delivery In Selected Map Areas
Advance Ordering
Please order 24 hours in advance as all bagels are custom baked