Frequently asked questions

Do I get an extra bagel if I order a dozen?

Yes, we will send you a baker's dozen, that is 13 total. You just order and pay for 12 regular size bagels and we will include an extra one of our choosing - maybe something new, fun and exiciting that we think you will love. No extra bagels are provided on the baby size.

How do I order?

All bagels are made to order. All ordering is online Ordering and payment is all handled on the web site. Baking days and products are listed on the site. Please place orders early in the week, as we usually sell out. Please order at least two days in advance. The bagel making process takes two days. Special baking days may be requested.

What types and sizes of bagels are available?

Plain dough bagels are the New York Style Boiled Bagel available in many toppings. All seeded bagels have seeds on both sides. Let me know what toppings and kinds of bagels you would like to see in the future. Cinnamon Raisin special recipe bagels and cranberry are made on selected baking days. Pumpernickel is baked on selected baking days. I now make two sizes. The Regular size is about 4.5 ounces and the BABY bagel is half the regular size.

Is the shipping free?

Yes, shipping is free with a minimum order of six regular size bagels or two packages of baby bagels. See delivery area maps. Please inquire if delivery is available in an area not shown on the map. We can usually arrange a meeting place for orders out of our delivery area. We ship to Lawrence Kansas on select Sunday mornings.

Where do you ship?

We are shipping to Stilwell, Overland Park and Leawood on baking days. We ship to Lawrence Kansas on select Sundays. See delivery area page with maps. We try to accomodate any delivery request and can arrange to meet you for pick-up in our delivery area.

Why don't you have a retail location?

I tried this many years ago and wasn't successful. I'm trying to only bake based on orders to keep expenses low and not have any waste. I always hated throwing out good product when I had a store that didn't sell everything that day.

What are the packing options?

All orders for full size bagels are double bagged and ready for the freezer. Baby bagels are packed in multiples in singe bag with a twist tie - this enables opening closing the bag. Paper delivery bags and the large plastic bags will be picked up if you leave them out on your next order delivery. You may request no plastic bags.

How to defrost, heat or toast bagels - the best procedures!

Bagels can be defrosted in the microwave using a one minute setting at 30% power - leave in small bag. Slice fresh or defrosted bagel and using a toaster oven, toast with cut side down. Slice over plate to capture all the seeds. Heat the bagel before slicing in a toaster oven for about 5 minutes - some people suggest a quick water rinse before toasting.