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I'm a "Bagel Guy" and have been making bagels for over twenty years. My first effort, after over a year of daily recipe tasting was creating the "Paul's Wild Four Bagel Bakery" way back around 2007. While the product was great and Starbucks sold them for several months, I just wasn't a foodie and only selling bagels from a retail location was not a successful venture. 

I've continued to make them a couple times a month from my home, giving a few to neighbors and relatives. The rest went into the freezer (they freeze really well ) and I get to enjoy a toasted bagel each morning. 

A recent opportunity to purchase some commercial baking equipment has prompted me to begin a on-line ordering opportunity for bagel enthusiasts. 

I've spent a great deal of time setting this all up in my basement and have a state of the art baking facility. 

This site enables you to order New York Style Bagels - Perfected in Kansas on listed dates for delivery to your home or work place. 

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